Through an Impact Investment Scheme:

The terminological occupation of Social Impact can mean different implications for each organisation. For ICOimpact, the impact investing is ipso facto differs from traditional investment thesis.

ICOimpact acknowledges that impact investing consists of strategies defining and implementing a viable portfolio across multiple asset classes. In other words it is a methodological approach for Investment intention that can potentially produce both financial profits and sustainable, focused, assessable, and positive social or environmental value. It is not a non-Impact investment framework which is only proceed the purpose of financial return, without any direct consideration given to the impact thesis. ICO-Impact Investment Involves:

  1. Social Value,
  2. Sustainability,
  3. Inclusion,
  4. Human Rights.

How it operates

ICOimpact issues large investment funds and SMEs impact investment funds to contribute cross community reconciliation, i.e. to boost the economy, and facilitate the access to rights by revenue generating investments. It therefore has 2 pillars: micro finance and macro finance.


A programme for start-ups with more than 2 years operations.

We encourage to join our investment pool at the ICO-IMPACT. We raise funds about  of 500,000 for business investment per company plus mentoring and business support. We can introduce these SMEs to brokers and bankers for investment and raising money to invest in these business. A listed company raise money via listing on Malta or Prague Stock exchange and potentially in Vienna.


Currently, ICO-impact has up to US $2bn funding available for infrastructure and business investments for a mix of private and public opportunities. Large infrastructure projects receive funds and pay it back in 8-10 years. ICO-impact is now ready to support

To meet our objectives, ICO combines human rights principles with developmental strategies for the empowerment, development and better governance.

The main strands of the program are:

  • Investment for city, local and regional governments i.e. building infrastructures that enable city and regional development an agenda of local autonomy and aspiration to include the implementation of an internationally verified modern economic and business development
  • Engaging with government and civil society to advice, consult and develop strategies for the implementation of the ICCPR and the ICESCR
  • Developing thee next generation of leaders and to ensure the wide as possible understanding of the rights and responsibilities


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