Working as an intern with the International Communities Organisation, was an opportunity that has impacted positively on my academic and professional life. Interning as a Project Worker at the ICO, while studying for my postgraduate degree in Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice at the University of Keele, UK; helped me to practically understand the theories and varied knowledge in human rights.

Also, I liked that fact that interns were given the opportunity to grow as budding professionals and were encouraged to work independently as well as a member of a team with others from a diverse background. What particularly attracted me to work with ICO, was their focus on advocating for the protection of human rights of minority groups, such as ethnic minorities across Europe.

D. Addai, 2017 (MA in Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice, University of Keele)

Working with ICO was a very enriching experience and I learned a lot during this whole process, knowledge that will help me in my professional life when I return to Colombia. After my experience with ICO, I have a different conception of the work of NGOs, now I consider them as the main allies of the populations in situation of vulnerability, and as the principal organisations that advocate for the respect and guarantee of the human rights, seeking to fill the gap left by the omission or weakness of the state.

I. Torres, 2016 (MA in Human Rights Policy and Practice, Roehampton University)