International Taxation & Human Rights

We are proud and happy to announce that an article written by Iryna Stepanova, an ICO FELLOW 2017, is published by  Skattenytt (Journal). Iryna is a member of the ICO Fellowship Programme where she research a model for future EU Taxation Convention.

Title: International taxation and human rights

Author: Iryna Stepanova

Published by: Skattenytt (Journal), Number 10, 2017


This article is a summary of the author’s master’s thesis on “European double taxation and human rights in a globalised world”[1] and in the line of the previous research, it focuses on the European level of taxpayers’ rights protection. The article address the right to privacy and exchange of information, right to property and non-discrimination, as well as the problem of double taxation and the right to a fair trial on tax matters. Thus, on the basis of the European case law, the article highlights taxpayers’ rights violations and indicates the necessity to design an International taxpayer bill of rights and establish an International tax court.

[1] Stepanova I., European double taxation conventions and human rights in a globalized world. 2016. Available at:

To read full article, download the pdf. IntTax&HR_Stepanova_Skattenytt_10_2017

Critical Human Rights Training


Under the legal human rights frameworks, State Obligations can be summarised as:

  • to respect: refrain from interfering with the enjoyment of the right
  • to protect: prevent others from interfering with the enjoyment of the right
  • to fulfil: adopt appropriate measures towards the full realisation of the right

However the question is to what extend human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled under State Obligations? Are the legal aspects sufficient to respect, to protect and to fulfil human rights?

To enable a critical understanding of human rights we share a short human rights presentation through which individual rights and cultural rights with collective dimensions are explored: