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By combining our commitment to global peace and sustainable finance, we hope to create economic opportunities that help conflict-affected communities prosper.

Innovative financing for Peacebuilding.

The case for peace has been a moral argument and now our challenge is to make it a factual one. In times of transition or “post-conflict”, momentum and reform towards more peaceful societies is often hindered by a lack of funding. Leveraging innovating financing to accompany peace-building activities can help to sustain and build momentum for peace. Societies ravaged by conflict are in need of inclusive development and investing in good infrastructure, housing, health, and productive sectors, can not only create jobs across societal lines but act as a catalyst for further development so that communities can develop a brighter future together.

Together we make ICO Impact.

ICO’s understanding of conflict affected areas allows its team to source investment opportunities that can produce both financial profits and sustainable, assessable, and positive social or environmental value. The team then advices its financial partner Valens Emerging Markets, on deals it believes at can address inequalities that sit at the root of conflicts and work towards peace.



Economic Prosperity Fund

Investing in non-majority communities in Kosovo.