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Addressing group inequalities, fostering inclusive development.

Inequalities between groups defined by religion, ethnicity, language or regional identities are linked to a significantly higher risk of armed conflict.


Mobilising financing to support impact-driven businesses.


Addressing gaps in education.


Seeking to reinforce governance capacity.


Supporting research to develop new thinking.

Inequalities between groups defined by religion, ethnicity, language or regional identities are linked to a significantly higher risk of armed conflict.

In many countries such groups are very unequal in terms of political power, wealth, and social status. When these identities determine access to social, economic, or political goods, the situation becomes serious.

Inequalities between groups can sit at the root of conflict, be exacerbated by conflict and be perpetuated even after violence ends. Inequalities between groups are therefore worrying for long term peace.

This is why we deliver a range of activities specifically designed to address these inequalities.

  • We work with a financial partner to fund projects that can show measurable improvements in the lives of communities across societal lines.
  • We develop educational content free of charge to support those in need with the tools they need to make a difference.
  • We empower both traditional and non-traditional local governance mechanisms that serve marginalised communities with capacity building so that communities have better access to services and decision making.
  • We support fellows carrying research projects that seek answers to some of societies’ most intractable problems.

We mobilise resources to increase capacity, encourage development and unlock opportunities that help conflict-affected communities prosper.

Management International University (MIU), leaving no one behind.

MIU is the educational arm of ICO.

Over 15 courses.

Work with us.

Hear from our students.

An online platform, aims to link NGOs and individuals working in migration and refugee support, to facilitate a channel of communication on issues, ideas, emergencies and appeals that they encounter.

Through this Network, we hope to facilitate an opportunity to learn and share with members, NGOs and agents on areas central to human rights, social and economic issues, education and culture through a series of interactive forums, Q&As and webinars.

The platform is powered by International Communities Organisation.

I have a real passion for this subject and I’m excited that ICO can support it. When I was a young man I found myself having to answer the question as to whether vulnerable people seeking safe refuge should be welcomed by countries such as my own. I knew the answer of yes would cost me a chosen career but I said it and it did. I am proud that this network will work to support the rights of the world’s most vulnerable people.

James HolmesICO Director

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Become a Fellow with ICO.

ICO fellowship programme supports ambitious and committed researchers in the field of minority rights and right to self-determination to improve their research skills and deliver tangible outcomes on issues facing the communities we work with.

This fellowship provides a flexible platform for any researcher seeking to realise their research ambitions.

You can apply for up to three years of research support as a part of this fellowship award, which includes academic guidance and financial support for approved projects (e.g. costs related to impact, travel and subsistence).

Your application should include:

A two-page research proposal with your –

  • Research title
  • Abstract and Work plan
  • Your CV and
  • A cover letter

There are no deadlines for a fellowship submission. Applications can be submitted at any time and will be processed on a rolling basis at an ICO Secretary General meeting.

Before you start your application, please ensure your application fits into the ICO remit. If you are not sure, contact us.