Background Information

“The Kashmir Conflict” has become a disputed area between India and Pakistan in both the academic and political spheres. International Relations is also tend to generalise the whole disputed territory as “Kashmir”.

Kashmir is one of the five regions of the erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir; the other regions are Jammu, Ladakh, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Poonch. All these regions have diverse political interpretations of self-determination following from their particular political and historical contexts. Diverse regional interpretations challenge the widely acknowledged understanding of “the Kashmir Conflict” and its generalised idea of self-determination.

How has “the nation” been defined by different actors in such diverse circumstances?

To what extent a collective pan-Jammu and Kashmir struggle for the right to self-determination with nationalistic aspiration takes place? What are the possible impacts of economic opportunities and “free” trade activities in the region to peace-building?

The theoretical part is based on independent research and designing a road map for the Kashmir case with recommendations and action points. The practical phase allows Senior Fellow, Azmat Khan, to put those recommendations and action points into practice with the

ICO support. Research, reporting, and publishing, The implementation phase: Conference and UN delegation, Dissemination Campaigns and meetings with government officials.

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