With the establishment of the ICO Institute in Vienna, International Communities Organisation is taking big steps towards becoming an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO).

We hope to create a robust network of international lawyers, former diplomats, human rights and constitution lawyers, policy advisers and academics to support groups working through the intricacy of international law to realise diplomatic solutions that can better address their self-development goals in peaceful ways while respecting the territorial integrity of states . These groups may be political parties, communities, indigenous peoples, minority groups. We will work with them to identify the jus cogens, that are legally binding on states, and actors of the international community , and analyse well- established legal norms and precedents to help them identify a realistic and peaceful strategy that will meet international standards (of the UN in particular) in line with human rights principles.

ICO’s dispute resolution technical experts can act as intermediaries between the state and these communities to address sensitive issues that can mitigate armed conflict, promote economic integration and resolve rights infringement. ICO can also host non-governmental actors in these discussions through lively debates or small mediation sessions so that dialogue can flourish in these safe spaces.


ICO Institute Vienna seeks to:

  •  Impact global decisions
  •  Respond coherently to global challenges
  •  Deliver on its strategic imperatives


ICO Institute Vienna does this by:

  •  Encouraging local ownership and adaptability of international activities
  •   Leaning on local human resources
  •  Encouraging local structure participation

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