ICO’s current projects support lawyers, experts and academics to consider the conflict between territorial integrity and self-determination. The clash between the fundamentals of the concepts has prevented the advancement of a peaceful process. Consequently, the concept of peaceful self-determination is vital to peace and security.

We aim to craft guidelines on the negotiation process of self-determination claims, with emphasis on particular aspects including:

  • Identify techniques to maintain the engagement of parties in prolonged negotiations.
  • Engage governments with self-determination movements through third parties.
  • Catalogue the stages and intensity of self-determination claims.
  • Ensure the inclusion of all segments of society.
  • Encourage information-sharing and joint analysis between groups offering mediation support and services.
  • Inspire adult and youth education through participative and empowering training methodologies on human rights and development.
  • Run consultancy services with state and civil society representatives.

Through the expertise of our member organisations, ICO engages in consultancy, expert visits, training on human rights, leadership and sustainable development. We believe these measures will fulfil our vision of having empowered communities all over the world

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