ICO supports volunteers both as a means of improving individual projects as well as a way to teach the incoming generations of employees, researchers and community change-makers on how to make lasting change in their local communities. ICO believes that the best method of learning is through doing and looks forward to continuing this volunteer programme. We are always looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join the various operations of our work.

2020 Entry    

  • Corah Gritton (MA in Global Social Policy at University of Glasgow)
  • Ellie Harkness (BA final year in History at Cambridge University)
  • Lily Brown (BA final year Human Geography, University of Manchester)
  • Kathryn Nicholls, Marketing – University of Sydney Oxfam and University of Sydney Collective)
  • Emily Board (BA final year, at the International Oxford Brookes University)
  • Nyima Keita (M.A. Humanitarianism and Conflict Response, University of Manchester)
  • Geena Whiteman (MA in Globalisation, Business, and Development, Institute of Development Studies)
  • Leena Chandran Adriana Gerar

2019 Entry

  • Adodoola Omiyale
  • Ben Sivyer Andrea Man
  • Elliot Flitman
  • Emmanuel Cudjoe

2018 Entry

  • Alysson Aquino
  • Lorenzo Timpone
  • Arifur Rahman
  • Felix Chukwuma
  • Michael Stam
  • Jamila Abdirahman
  • Umair Iftikhar
  • Ugochukwu G. Okereafor

2017 Entry

  • Vinod Shashidharan
  • Chris Hewinson
  • Ruwadzano Makumbe
  • Dorcas Tiwaa
  • Addai Ravina
  • Mehta Hannah Hiscock
  • Melisa Aktas
  • Martin Brozek
  • Edward Shiyang

2016 Entry

  • Ingrid Cely Torres Joy Icayan

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