The Foundations of Business
The Foundations of Business course will equip you
with the basics you need to continue to study business,
rise in the private sector or eventually start your own business.
You will be exposed to the different components of running a business,
be pushed to think of new ideas, to think creatively and
International Management
The International Management course will take your interest in empowering
others and teach you how to manage and lead within any role.
This means considering different interests,
stakeholders and environmental contexts to facilitate development and innovation.
This course will help you communicate more
Entrepreneurship in Africa and Around the World
In all markets, understanding both the opportunities and challenges is
crucial to succeed. In at times volatile settings and with limited resources, entrepreneurs need the to put the right mechanisms in place
to succeed.
This course has been designed to give young entrepren
improve both your communication skills as well as your numeracy skills.
The foundations of Business is perfect for students who want to enhance their academic and
practical skills.
effectively and figure out how to elicit efficiency and productivity. It will also help you to consider the external barriers that people may face within organisations and give you insights as to how to support your workforce.
eurs like yourself, whom are enthusiastic about entering the market the necessary knowledge
to flourish. You will be able to learn innovative strategies by expert professionals
to help you get from challenge to triumph.

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