On the 26th of October, the International Communities Organisation (ICO) held a significant event at the House of Lords, Attlee and Reid Room, reinforcing collaborative efforts with Kosovo. The distinguished guest, Emilija Redzepi, Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, graced
the occasion, highlighting the crucial connection between economic development and peace.
The event marked a resounding success, fostering a deeper collaboration between Kosovo and ICO. Mrs. Emilija Redzepi outlined her government’s visionary approach to economic investment in Kosovo, emphasizing its role in supporting reconciliation efforts. James Holmes, ICO Founder and Secretary General, as well as the Director of Valens Emerging Markets, set the stage with an introduction to ICO’s vision for peace, driven by sustainable and strategic investment. Holmes unveiled the Kosovo Investment Fund, accompanied by Valens Emerging Markets’ commitment to matching funds of up to 50%, totaling £300 million.

Kenza Camara, Investment Associate of Valens Emerging Markets, provided a comprehensive overview of the investment opportunities within Kosovo through the Kosovo Investment Fund for Peace.

Further enriching the discourse, Kübra Kalkandelen, ICO Associate Director, delved into ICO’s impactful work in Kosovo. She detailed how the integration of economic development and peace lies at the core of ICO’s approach to reconciliation and diplomacy.

The event at the House of Lords not only showcased the successful collaboration between ICO and Kosovo but also underlined the commitment to fostering economic growth as a catalyst for lasting peace in the region.

Download the event report: Post-Event Report ICO Kosovo Briefing Event at the House of Lords 2023

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