COVID-19 Information: This statement is being coordinated by International Communities Organisation (ICO) for their team members, contractors, consultants, partners and Forum For Cities in Transition (FCT) members.

We, along with a wider group of team members and supporters, distinguish that the novel covid-19 pandemic is an exceptional occasion that might have a serious impact on civil society groups, businesses and communities.

International Communities Organisation wants to offer reassurance that we stand with civil society during this time.

In the context of the coronavirus, and in response to concerns, International Communities Organisation team members, volunteers and contractors have been instructed to work from home as usual. Until further notice from government in the UK, we will have our meetings on-line or by phone. Over the years, ICO has successfully implemented virtual project management and digital conferences, and we will now take this experience and expand into better support.

Keeping you informed and supported

We wish to be as cooperative as possible during the coming weeks and months so that civil society groups, private and public sectors we work with at the ICO can focus on the vital work of supporting some of the most vulnerable people in communities. We also expect to receive your understanding of the fact that the systems need to be flexible to ensure that needs are met.

We are improving a programme of on-line meetings that will allow you to remain engaged as we continue to deliver our work as normally as possible.

However, we still think it is very important to continue to bring communities together to share good practice and build knowledge, skills and confidence. To be able to understand community needs we will start an online survey among FCT members to identify the subjects of the 2020 on-line meeting which is now planned to take place in October.

We definitely continue talking to our corresponding ICO contacts in the world, and also to other civil society partners. We will update our work on our official websites and social media pages.

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