The “Our Work Section” of the website shows what we have been able to achieve in our temporary locations. Our hope is to amplify these achievements by creating a physical campus in Vienna.

The ICO Vienna Campus will be a nonpartisan and independent institute where community members will voice their concerns and access tools to improve their skills on learning self-determination theory and building their unique methodologies. All parties engaged in self-determination discussions from diaspora members to government officials will come together and work on tangible outcomes for achievement of these claims.

Groups will access:

  • Free office accommodation will be made available to groups who qualify at our campus
  • Academics and constitutional lawyers to help craft policy ideas and bring their aspirations into line with international law
  • Workshops devoted to case studies, sharing good practice and offering training such as negotiation, mediation, leadership, etc
  • Former diplomats to make introductions to UN Ambassadors amongst others and to facilitate talks amongst or between communities or a community and their government.
  • A full media suite for press conferences, TV and radio broadcasts and recording messages so aspirations once developed in accordance with international law and drawing on previous best practice can be effectively communicated to the world



The construction design and operational practices of the ICO Vienna Institute will be devised to keep its carbon footprint low.


The combination of the above is aimed at encouraging self-determination movements and groups to follow peaceful means to achieve their goals and to put them in a position where their case can be presented in accordance with international law and best practice which makes it easier for other parties to engage and support and harder for the relevant national government to decline to engage fully.


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