ICO is pleased to announce that we had a very successful conference called Re-thinking Self-determination on the 18th of February, London, UK.

Self-determination conference consisted of panel discussions and an open-access e-book, an edited collection published by ICO Research Centre and the New England Journal of Public Policy. Among our Panelists:

Dr. James Summers, Lancaster University, has discussed socio-legal approaches toward ICESCR, right to water, social rights, and former Macedonian Diplomat Dr. Mare Ushkovska analysed regional instruments, EU policies and its implementation in the past and now.

Michael Freeman Emeritus Professor in the Department of Government, University of Essex and the author of Human Rights (Polity Press, 3rd edition, 2017) has explored the difficulties of self- determination in international and says “If there is a right to self- determination, therefore, it is essential that we clarify who has the right, why they have it, and to what it is a right”.

Dr Noelle Higgings and Gerard John Maguire, Maynooth University argued the role of language from colonisation to self- determination. Dr. Amina Mahmood, Maynooth University and Christopher Bucker, University of Jena discussed the case studies on Kashmir and Biafra independence.

Please access programme content here.




Thank you very much to all our panelists, video panelists and audience for their contributions and participation to discussion times.  We look forward to seeing you at another ICO evet.

For our panelists, the next steps are to submit their completed papers to the New England Journal of Public Policy. You will shortly receive instructions from the Editors.

You can now access panel discussions online at our youtube channel.

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