RE-thinking Self-determination: ICO Consultancy Pool Members have joined us at an online symposium to address the self- determination in the 21st Century.

Re-thinking Self-determination consists of one day online closed meeting. It was held between 09:00-17:00, on 15 November 2018. There was only a 45 minutes lunch break, and short breaks (only 1-hour break and 7 hours discussion).

The entire meeting was recorded and then an edited report will be published as the 1st Online Symposium on Self-determination by the ICO Research Centre.

The main discussion topic is to explore the conceptual contradictions between territorial integrity and self-determination. We brought up challenging questions to discuss how the self-determination should be understood and defined, and how individuals and groups might protect their autonomy from state invasion. This discussion includes debates on the meaning of the right to self-determination, when external self-determination is justified and on the notion of territorial integrity. This wide theoretical debate is supplemented with practical cases from around the world, ranging from Biafra in Nigeria and Northern Ireland to Tibet and Papua New Guinea.

The attached booklet provides a short schedule and an overview of each of the discussants.ICO_OnlineSymposium_Programme_15.11.18


ICO Consultancy Pool on Self-Determination Members (Panelists):

  1. Prof. Robert McCorquodale, Business and Human Rights, Inclusive Law.
  2. Queeneth Ekeocha, African Heritage Institution
  3. Dr. Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan, LL.M. (Maastricht University) Lecturer for International Law at Griffith College, Dublin/Ireland
  4. Bogdan Banjac, Commission for Protection of Equality of Serbia. MA in Human Rights and Democratization, Yerevan State University.
  5. Lovelyn Okafor, Sources Resources Consulting.
  6. Linda Beatrice Louis, PhD in eLaw, Leiden University
  7. Dr. Adam Fusco, Department of Politics, University of York

ICO Fellows (Panel Chairs)

  1. Dr. Tanya Herring (Bangor University, Wales, UK)
  2. Irina Stepanova (Master of Laws, Uppsala University, Sweden)
  3. Nikoletta Pikramenou (PhD in Law Faculties of Aristotle University, Greece and Uppsala University, Sweden)

ICO Team

  1. James Holmes (ICO Director)
  2. Kübra Kalkandelen (ICO Programme Manager)
  3. Kenza Camara (ICO Project Manager)
  4. Jamila Abdirahman (ICO Project Management Volunteer Member)
  5. Michael Stam (ICO Student Placement, MA in Human Rights Policy and Practice, Roehmapton University)

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