Between 1988 and 1998, the Bougainville Civil War has taken thousands of lives. A multinational Peace Monitoring Group (PMG) led by Australia was deployed and Papua New Guinea signed a peace agreement with Bougainville. ICO Research Centre has collected the research and discussions on Bougainville for your consideration*:

Bougainville Literature

AuthorTitlePublished ByTypeYearLink
Edited by Anthony J Regan And Helga M GriffinBougainville
Before The Conflict
Pandanus Books, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies,
The Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200 Australia
Book2005Link - Open Access
Anthony J. ReganBougainville:
Large-scale Mining and
Risks of Conflict Recurrence
Australian National UniversityJournal article2014 Link - Open Access
Sinclair Dinnen
Anita Jowitt
Tess Newton
A Kind of Mending
Restorative Justice in the Pacific Islands
Australian National University PressBook2010Link - Open Access
Anthony Hooper

Culture and Sustainable Development in the PacificAustralian National University PressJournal Article2005Link- Open Access
Anthony J. Regan in Sinclair Dinnen, Roy May and Anthony Regan (eds), Challenging the State: the Sandline Affair in Papua New GuineaPreparation Forward And Progress
Towards Peace-Bougainville
Dimensions Of The Sandline Affair
The Australian National University
Book1997Link- Open Access
Jack LinnettGrievances in Bougainville: Analysing the
Impact of Natural Resources in Conflict
Polis JournalJournal Article2009Link - Open Access
Jo WoodburyThe Bougainville Independence Referendum:
Assessing The Risks And Challenges Before,
During And After The Referendum
The Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies Australian Defence CollegeJournal Article2015Link - Open Access
Yaw SaffuThe Bougainville Crisis and Politics
in Papua New Guinea
University of Hawaii PressJournal Article1992Link - Open Access
Helen Hakena, Peter Ninnes, Bert A. Jenkins. (Editors)Ngo’s And Post Conflict Recovery: The Leitana Nehan Women's Development Agency, BougainvilleAustralia National University PressBook2006Link - Open Access
Michael Cornish

The Bougainville conflict: A classic outcome of the resource-curse effect?Online Forum for Informed Debate and Peace Journalism2010Link - Open Access

*These are the views of the authors and do not represent the views of  International Communities Organisation

* The collection of literature is conducted by ICO Project Worker, Gabriel Okereafor (LLM Human Rights, University of East London).

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