An ICO-Consultancy Pool for research and policy development activities is necessary in order to consider key issues surrounding self-determination claims.

For instance, the clash between the concept of the right to self-determination and territorial integrity has prevented the advancement of peace processes, but the concept is vital to international peace and security.

Therefore, ICO-Consultancy Pool enlists international lawyers, experts, and academics to consider these conceptual conflicts such as exists between territorial integrity and self- determination. The contributions which are produced assist practitioners in the field such as officials from international organisations, state officials and self-determination movements more generally. ICO Consultants activities consist of an in-depth analysis of self-determination issues in different continent, highlighting key successes and failures keeping the focus on the impact on local people.

The communities which we assist are the beneficiaries of ICO Consultancy Pool discussion and policy development activities. However they are not the only one, academics and diplomatic institutions and civil society organisations working in conflict resolution or post conflict development will also be able to read our innovative insights. We reach out to the community of interest through producing and publishing reports, handbooks, new guidelines for achieving rights to self-determination and other advocacy materials.

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