The ICO Research centre, established in 2016, constitutes a human rights hub situated in London with more than half of the ICO staff and network engaged in work that has direct connection to self-development and post-conflict development. A broad range of academic consultants, legal practitioners, and activists are working across the independent Research Institute.

The Centre is an important part of the International Communities Organisation’s social impact output. Through a demanding and vibrant research environment the research centre seeks to public innovative contributions to the field. ICO Research Centre encourages interdisciplinary research and prioritises international collaborations throughout all its research and fellowship activities.

Research themes include but are not limited to:

Self-development, territorial integrity, civilian-military relations, conflict analysis and prevention, democracy and governance, economics and environment, education & training, electoral violence, fragility and resilience, gender & global policy, human rights, justice security & rule of law, Mediation Negotiation and Dialogue, Nonviolent Action, Peace Process, Reconciliation, religion, violent extremism and youth, human rights, and post conflict transition and development.

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