ICO Research Centre


ICO Research centre established in 2016, constitutes human rights hub situated in London with more than half of the ICO staff and network engaged in work that has direct connection to human rights.  A broad range of academic consultants, human rights practitioners, and activists working with the thematic issues and right to self-determination of across the independent Research Institute. The Centre is an important part of the International Communities Organisation’s social impact activities throughout its demanding and vibrant research environment. ICO Research Centre encourages interdisciplinary  research and prioritise international collaborations throughout research and fellowship activities e.g. law, anthropology, language of rights, environment, a research and scholarship connects with the law, principles and politics of human rights.

Call for Papers (Deadline Extended to 1.January.2019)

We invite scholars from any discipline to submit their abstracts that address the self-determination in the 21st Century. Re-thinking Self-determination consists of a panel discussion and an open access e-book, which will be an edited collection published by ICO Research Centre and the New England Journal of Public Policy. 

ICO-Research Fellows

ICO Research Fellows have a strong profile on the human rights aspects of the particular thematic issue and produces documents that are carefully researched, compellingly written, aimed at achieving specific impact in the field of human rights research, especially concerning the right to self-determination.


ICO  constantly reviews all the existing treaties and recommendations concerning self-determination and minority rights, focusing particularly on mechanisms within the UN and Europe.

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