ICO  constantly reviews all the existing treaties and recommendations concerning self-determination and minority rights, focusing particularly on mechanisms within the UN and Europe.

These files are part of an open source ICO Library that sustains easy access to the documents for researchers on self-determination and minority rights. Our library seeks to facilitate further research and simplify access to human rights mechanisms. 

Note: Treaties are legally binding documents in international human rights law e.g. Conventions, but other documents such as Recommendations and Declarations are referred as soft-law as they are not enforceable.  Soft-law should be considered as important as treaties, especially in international law, because they lead the development of international standards. For example, all universal human rights treaties are born from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which does not legally bind the parties to the UN. Nonetheless, the Declaration is a solid international norm and represents a commitment that paves the way for universal standards. Consequently, it is important for us to include both hard-law and soft-law in the ICO Library. 

To read a detailed excel report on the ICO-Library please download ICO- review-on-minority-rights-and-self-determination-

Please continue reading below for the summary notes and to download particular documents:


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