As a student, the ICO Vienna Site will give you the opportunity to get the first-hand experience. Through workshops, special passes to conferences and frequent forums with renowned academics and practitioners in the field, studying at Vienna is more than an academic endeavour. Your time at Management International University will allow you to acquire the benefits of theory and practice, and push you to apply what you learn to improve your local communities, hone your entrepreneurial skills and learn how business ethics and practices can coincide with economic prosperity and stability. The international ethos of ICO Vienna will push you to understand the global dynamics of conflict and the domestic manifestations of unrest and how mediation may bring an end to long-standing grievances whilst understanding the nuances of modern warfare. To ensure the success of ICO Vienna we cannot do it alone, we will work with partners and continue to develop relationships with like-minded institutions, think tanks, researchers both independent and located at other institutions to build our network. As a student, you will, therefore, be a beneficiary of these networks during your time at ICO Vienna and after, joining a community dedicated to creating a more peaceful, inclusive and prosperous world.

COVID-19 measures will be embedded in all campus events and mobility programmes.

There will be three aspects of payment from students and two will be collected at the beginning of the course.


An Enrolment Fee

This fee is used to contribute towards costs that are associated with the teaching platform and the actual teaching staff for their course. Our aim is to ensure that students from everywhere have access to our courses, which is why we have a clear fee structure depending on the student’s capability. This is further explained below. Since MIU is a not-for-profit, none of these fees goes towards anything or anyone except for the financing of the running of the diplomas.

A Deposit

In order to ensure that our students remain committed to their courses, we require a deposit for their course, which is returned at their completion. This deposit is 50 percent of their enrolment fee. If a student has a special circumstance that arises, where they need to either stop pursuing or postpone their diploma, they are required to go through the Welfare Team at MIU. This officer will require them to fill out a form and then review the case in order to determine the legitimacy of the request.

On Campus

As we are in the process of building the ICO Vienna Campus, accommodation, and other costs in access to campus facilties such as gym, hotel, conferences and events will be available in the future.

How Do We Construct the Cost of the Enrolment Fees?

As one of the main goals for MIU is to ensure that diplomas are accessible to anyone across the globe, we have developed a global fee scheme. This is to do our best to be as fair and equitable with the fees that we ask for.

We start by ensuring that people at the poverty line in different countries are able to take our course.

Using the World Bank’s classification system, we categorize each country as high, upper middle, low middle and low income. The World Bank has set a poverty rate for these countries by their category. For a six-month diploma, we then multiple the daily poverty rate by the number of days for the course. Conducting research using household surveys across Sub-Saharan Africa and India, expenditure on higher education for households tends .

Category of Country Poverty Line 3 Month Income at Poverty Level Fee for 6 Month Diploma Deposit
Low Income $1.90/day $342/month $50 $25
Lower-Middle Income $3.20/day $576/month $80 $40
Upper Middle Income $5.50/day $990/month $150 $70
High Income $21.70/day $3,906/month $550 $275


These fees are then converted into local currency using purchasing power parity. Students are able to pay in USD if they prefer.

On campus fees will have to be covered for accommodation and for the use of the facilities on campus. As the ICO Vienna site is being built, we are working diligently to ensure our prices are competitive and services delivered on campus are at a quality standard. Each room by size and amenities will be outlined in our accommodation brochure.

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