ICO has many projects and opportunities in progress and on the horizon, but by far the most exciting of all of these is the ICO Institute in South of Vienna, Austria.

ICO is delighted to announce that we are building a home for the ICO mission and vision; this campus will embrace all our projects on interdisciplinary human rights research and practice, especially on self- development, and welcome innovative ideas for reconciliation, peace and a sustainable future for all.

There will be an ICO campus for our research centre allowing leaders, and other parties to research self-development, and contemporary issues. Research grants and accommodation will be made available. The Research Centre will also award grants, scholarships and fellowships to international academics who wish to develop new ideas and strategies, minority rights and the large number of conflicts and peace building worldwide that these issues trigger.

In 2018, our Director raised $200 million to build ICO institute near Vienna and in 2020 the amount has increased to €250 million. This will be non-party political institution and celebrate local innovation and the use of local government as incubators to try out new ideas. In addition, the Institute will host seminars and have a discussion forum online, a space to have case studies of good local policies again and an online publishing arm for papers on local government innovation.

ICO looks forward ready to open its doors to this brand new institute in Austria. Over the next year ICO will commence building the Institute with an artistic style modelled above and understanding of both human and environmentally friendly buildings. The target is to build the International Communities Organisation into a major global institution in affiliation with the United Nations and working for the self- development of people throughout the world.

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