Impact investment arm of International Communities Organisation. The goal is to use its expertise in all of subject areas by the funding of investment projects that research, local communities and stakeholders believe will help aid the reconciliation process.

Through an Impact Investment Scheme, ICO is aiming to provide financial support to projects which are aligned with ICO’s ethos. The terminological occupation of “impact investing” can mean different implications for each organisation. For ICO-impact, the impact investing is ipso facto differs from traditional investment thesis.

ICO-impact acknowledges that impact investing consists of strategies defining and implementing a viable portfolio across multiple asset classes. In other words it is a methodological approach for Investment intention that can potentially produce both financial profits and sustainable, focused, assessable, and positive social or environmental value. It is not a non-Impact investment framework which is only proceed the purpose of financial return, without any direct consideration given to the impact thesis.

ICO-Impact Investment Involves:

  1. Social Value,
  2. Sustainability,
  3. Inclusion,
  4. Human Rights.

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