The inaugural International Communities Organisation (ICO) General Assembly was held on December 12th 2023 and marked a major milestone in the global advocacy efforts for minority rights. Minority representatives from 18 countries attended, along with his excellency Mr Abdullah Shahid, President of the 76th UN General Assembly, and Dr Varenes, former UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Rights, who enriched these critical discussions with their expertise. The General Assembly transcended mere discussion and served as a platform for community leaders to articulate the critical challenges facing their communities. Discussion topics ranged from women’s rights to self-determination and state violence, fostering an understanding among geographically diverse participants on their shared endeavour. As we enter the New Year, the ICO is committed to strengthening partnerships with these leaders and organisations dedicated to human rights and minority advocacy. This Assembly is emblematic of our dedication to amplify minority voices. These discussions, aimed at creating actionable solutions, will shape our 2024 agenda for minority rights. Our focus now shifts from awareness raising to targeted lobbying and policy formulation. Our key strategy involves aligning our efforts with significant events in the UN Calendar. This guarantees that the voices of the communities we represent are amplified during pivotal proceedings, such as Human Rights Council Sessions, to achieve maximum impact on the ground.

The General Assembly set a promising foundation for our work in the New Year, marking the beginning of our journey towards lasting change. The lessons learned from the assembly will drive our efforts to ensure that the rights of minority communities are at the forefront of human rights discourse. Far more than an event, the Assembly represents a stepping stone towards making 2024 a landmark year in the pursuit of an equitable world for all minorities.

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