The Forum for Cities in Transition (FCT) is a dynamic and lively network, offering practical support for those living in cities in conflict and real solutions to previously intractable problems. The primary premise of the Forum for Cities in Transition is that cities that are in conflict or have emerged from conflict are in the best position to help other cities in similar situations.

FCT has an in-house crowdfunding platform that serves inclusively for the FCT member cities to raise funding for successful project submission. Successful projects are those who have the potential to positively impact their local economic development through cross community means. This is known as the FCT Network Fund.


  • Baghdad, Belfast, Craigavon, Derry- Londonderry, Haifa, Jerusalem, Kaduna Kirkuk, Mitrovica, Mitte (Berlin), Mostar Nicosia, Ramallah, Sarajevo, Srebrenica, Tripoli (Lebanon).
  • Cross Community Projects
  • between £1,000-£10,000 per project

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