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ICO delivers a range of projects with grassroots organisations, employing a cross-community approach to peacebuilding and reconciliation.



Building Bridges

The Cyprus Peace and Dialogue Centre co-organised a Business and Networking Fair inside the UN buffer zone in Nicosia with UNFICYP...

Good Neighbours

The project seeks to reduce tension between Palestinians and Israelis along East and West Jerusalem.

The Atta’a Centre Project

This project seeks to provide support to East Jerusalemites facing bureaucratic barriers...

The Social Kitchen

This project seeks to empower Palestinian activists and Palestinian women from East Jerusalem...

Reconciliation Through Language

This project seeks to encourage bilingualism through the teaching of Greek and Turkish.

Building Peace at the Local Level

ICO brings communities together through sports, culture, arts, language and education. Our cross-community projects aim to transform the way communities interact. Communities are able to talk, build relationships, and unite through activities that share a common goal. We enable communities to work together to define how they envisage peace.

By encouraging positive communication, ICO builds confidence that peace is possible at the local level, supporting existing grassroots peace processes.