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ICO's partnership has created opportunities for minority-led businesses, and education opportunities for residents that have suffered from armed conflict and sectarian clashes. This has helped us engage the private sector and young people in community reconciliation, contributing to the implementation of FCT Tripoli Road Map which seeks to engage stakeholders from all backgrounds to work together for prosperity and peace.

Bilal Al AyoubiTask Order 2 Director of USAID's Lebanon Community Support Program

By implementing an innovative education offer, we have been able to empower beneficiaries to make a constructive difference within their community. The delivery of the courses has deepened collaboration among people of different faiths and communities. It has engaged participants to apply what they have learned to build a more prosperous future together; making our community a better and safer place to live.

Dr. James Movel WuyeCo-Executive Director of the Interfaith Mediation Centre and Member African Union Interfaith Forum

Despite the immense challenges in Mitrovica, collaboration with ICO has supported our local governance systems and encouraged communities working towards a more inclusive society. ICO shares our value for cross-community collaboration and has brought successful peace-building tools to address the needs of everyone in our city.

Valdette IdriziDirector of Culture, Youth and Sports in the Municipality of Mitrovica

Protracted conflicts are complex; they can be simultaneously dire and comfortable for parties. As peacebuilders, we must be prepared to engage leaders as well as grassroots communities; to unpack narratives and provide meaningful incentives. ICO's approach supports us in combining both the high-level diplomacy and the transparent dialogue for communities needed in this context.

Dr Meltem Onurkan SamaniDirector of the Cyprus Peace and Dialogue Center

Bringing communities together is so important to normalise relations, it helps us understand one another and develop empathy towards one another. Our children are the future of Cyprus, as a parent it's important to me that they grow up without prejudices, embracing all Cypriots and overcoming the legacies of the conflict that continue to hold us back.

Pembes MentesBeneficiary of the party in the Party project

Economic integration in Cyprus could have many benefits for small businesses, which is why I'm grateful to have participated in the business fair. Having a partner that could support us in securing a larger range of materials would be a game changer for us which is why cross community initiatives focused on SMEs are so important.

Rita SeverisSME, beneficiary of Building bridges project