ICO is committed to promoting global peace and reconciliation, with a specific focus on conflicts where minority rights issues are prevalent. In line with this mission, we work collaboratively with local stakeholders to strengthen their capacity to respond to conflict consequences.

ICO has been working with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Cameroon to instigate discussions on the state of civic space in Cameroon in the context of the Conflict. The report, “Empowering Catalysts for Change: Civil Society’s Recommendations in Anglophone Cameroon Conflict Resolution”,  highlights the invaluable role played by local CSOs in delivering essential services to vulnerable populations amidst the conflict. These organisations demonstrate resilience and ingenuity in their efforts to contribute to conflict resolution.

The report sheds light on the obstacles encountered by CSOs, including resource constraints and security challenges and advocates for supportive mechanisms to enhance the effectiveness of local CSOs spanning from capacity building initiatives to fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

This study marks a significant milestone in ICO’s ongoing advocacy efforts, undertaken hand in hand with CSOs, aimed at cultivating a more conducive environment for civil society engagement. This report builds upon the findings of Coventry University and the African Leadership Centre’s study on “Shrinking Civic Space and the Role of Civil Society in the Resolution of Conflict in Anglophone Cameroon.” It represents the inaugural report of an ongoing series of studies conducted in collaboration with CSOs, aimed at amplifying their recommendations to expand and fortify civic space. Click here to read it. .

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