The International Communities Organisation (ICO) is now looking for international lawyers, experts, and academics to take part in its Consultancy Pool for the Self-Determination Programme.


We will work with you to develop most of the mechanisms to draw your advice and analysis. The work will lead to the publication of one or more sponsored papers, to be presented at the conference of practitioners that we are organising in Vienna in 2017/18.

The Consultancy Pool shall look into the conceptual contradictions between territorial integrity and self-determination. The concepts of self-determination and territorial integrity are often seen to be in conflict. The concept of self-determination, although the interpretations are various and debateable, often challenges the principle of territorial integrity since it determines the very existence of a State, and the claims for self-determination often meet enormous resistance by the states. Thus, it is of importance to grapple with the concept of self-determination and its implications for European and international peace and security.


A daily rate in accordance with the standard charges will be provided. If it includes travels, ICO will cover flights and accommodation expenses.


To be considered a candidate for the Consultancy Pool, please submit a CV with cover letter expressing your interest. The required documents should be sent by email to [email protected]

Please read the attached file for more information: ico_consultancy-pool_letter


If you have any enquiries about ICO and its Consultancy Pool, please feel free to contact us via email ([email protected]) or visit our websites (https://internationalcommunities.org/ https://icoimpact.com ) for more information.




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