We are regularly looking for part-time volunteers.

The ICO, based in London-UK, seeks to empower communities, by giving them tools so that they may autonomously develop their skills and ideas and use peaceful channels to set out their self-development goals for their legitimate rights as they are guaranteed by the international humanitarian law and the human rights conventions. ICO is a voice for voiceless and advocates for economic, social, political and cultural rights, and provides a platform to create an environment of cross-community cooperation and respect in their community.



Key elements of the roles will include project management support as well as supporting the delivery of our Empowering Communities programme and researching and writing resources for our websites. This is a voluntary and home-based position. We are looking for more than one volunteer; feel free to communicate, if you can fulfil one or more of the following activities:

  • Assisting with project management coordinator, delivery and evaluation of transformative change to the practice of human rights amongst diverse communities
  • Assisting with the development and dissemination of a combination of communication material and resources for fundraising and crowdfunding
  • Assisting with development and delivery of projects, including researching relevant resources and preparing materials for project reports.
  • Supporting partner project management and evaluation, and monitoring progress
  • Helping to conduct research and preparing written material, which demonstrates a range of tools and techniques to encourage more for publication on the websites and other media.
  • Helping to deliver ICO Partner’s core communications programme including bi-monthly bulletins and press work
  • Assisting with the management of our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter blog etc)
  • Designing ICO info-graphic posters, and brochures with Photoshop or at least with online software
  • Producing info-graphic videos (the training on the online software will be given)
  • Other activities may be reasonably required.

For those activities, a good level of English and at least minimum IT Skills are required. Again we are looking for more than one volunteer; feel free to communicate, if you can fulfil one or more of those listed activities.


This position involves very creative tasks, it can be suitable for anyone who is keen to work for human rights and in similar fields i.e. international relations, peace and conflict, social enterprise, or investment for social development. As a volunteer you will:

  • Gain experience and insight into the world of an international organisation
  • Understand the work of UN and its departments
  • Develop skills and strategies needed in organising and administrating projects
  • Put your previous education into practice within an institution i.e. research methods or graphic design
  • Acquire experience within an international organisaiton working with local communities around the world and post-conflict states.
  • Access a working experience within a multi-cultural environment .

This role is offered for 3 days per week, for at least 12 weeks from your starting date (Negotiable), so please send your CV and equal opportunities form with details of when, which days of the week and how long you are available to [email protected] .

Downloads: ico-equal-opportunities-form-20153

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