ICO LOGO design and colour are inspired by ICO’s vision: Empowering Communities.
ICO aims to empower communities trying to exercise their right to self-development. A human figure, therefore, holds a world map on its hands over its shoulder and head, because self-development is more than one’s right, but about group rights. This world map icon also represents ICO’s “O” (the Organisation), which stands for the universal human rights in parallel with the International Bill of Human Rights (UDHR, ICCPR, and ICESCR). This world map is especially important for the development of an understanding of universally accepted human rights norms and standards.

The purpose of the main idea is that communities are not alone in this world; International Communities (IC) stands for their rights and Organisation (O) spreads the word to the world. The ICO achieves this through the United Nations principles and work with states to comply with their responsibilities under the ICCPR and the ICESCR.

The colour and the world map has been selected as an inspiration to the United Nations’ world wide messages: blue against the war colour “red” and a world map for the UN members who are also automatic members of the ICO.

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