Our Parts

ICO is composed of around a hundred staff through its agencies and parts in locations around the world. We work in Europe, Asia, Balkans and the Middle East. The ICO is active for almost a decade through its agencies and parts:

Our partner organisations are:

SPARK works in post conflict societies to empower young individuals through education and entrepreneurship. It has a ten year record in working in states such as Rwanda, Kosovo, Afghanistan, South Sudan, in promoting businesses that give back to society.

IPM IGNITE Portfolios invests in post conflict societies to help build create necessary businesses and investments to enable them to move forward. It is a commercial enterprise that holds social responsibility at its core.

IGNITE FUND  utilises innovative equity investment tools to mitigate difficulties typically faced in valuations and investment exits for SGBs in frontier market in order to invests in small and growing businesses (SGBs) in fragile and conflict-affected states.

IGNITE FRONTIER MARKETS is a small private investment firm that focuses on impact investing in post-conflict zones; acts as Investment Advisor to the ICO and directly assists in the sourcing of infra structure projects.

Forum for Cities in Transition constitutes a core role for the empowerment of communities, because FCT brings together individuals in divided communities.

Northern Ireland Foundation stablished in 2008 is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation that develops programmes for a shared future in Northern Ireland and local community activism; the exchange of international best practices.