International Communities Organisation (ICO) is an independent, neutral and international NGO dedicated to the protection of human rights. ICO is a voice for voiceless and advocates for economic, social, political and cultural rights, and provides a platform to create an environment of cross-community cooperation and respect in their community. ICO seeks to empower communities, by giving them tools so that they may autonomously develop their skills and ideas and use peaceful channels to set out their self-development goals for their legitimate rights as they are guaranteed by the international humanitarian law and the human rights conventions.

The process of building peace is not about ensuring that one group’s views prevail over another but about constructing a shared vision for a better future. ICO hopes to create a space for this shared vision to flourish by bringing together diplomats, academics, lawyers, policy practitioners, researchers and representatives of organisations, to create a consortium of experts with one goal: a more peaceful and just world. We’re here not to take sides, we’re here to enable, we’re here to give communities an opportunity to work for themselves towards achievement better outcomes for them and the next generation. We hope that these communities will err on the side of unity and collaboration but for those who believe they do not have the opportunity to express their cultural rights, their political rights, who believe that they don’t have the opportunity to develop as they see fit, ICO is here for them


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