At ICO we are committed to four key values:

  • Community-shaped advocacy: You speak, we listen. Every community should be able to tell their own story, share their own experiences and shape their future. By giving the tools they need we are removing barriers to participation that minority groups often face.
  • Sharing is Caring: We achieve more by sharing best practices. Our team and our network is committed to find new ways of ensuring we are constantly learning from one another, recognising effective methods and putting them to use.
  • Evidence-Driven Solutions: Building on existing research is a key component of what we do. We will rely on experiences in the field as well quantitative and qualitative research to demonstrate the impact potential of the activities we carry out.
  • Outcome-focused: Research and planning is at the core of what we do. However, when we set ambitious but realistic targets, we aim to realise them. We, and our network of consultants, fellows and volunteers support one another so we can unlock our collective power to achieve change for the communities we assist.


  • Facilitate dialogue between groups and develop mediation and conflict resolution strategies as a first step towards reconciliation
  • Support capacity building activities to support effective, transparent and ethical leadership with the help of our network.
  • Encourage young and senior researchers to conduct interdisciplinary research on self-development and other international issues related to peace building in collaboration with local communities, key stakeholders, government representatives and other international actors;
  • Contribute to policy development on self-development, and improve cooperation by using our expertise and resources to promote peace and prosperity;
  • Provide training opportunities to students and practitioners coming from post-conflict or conflict societies;
  • To deploy private investment in conflict-affected and post conflict areas with the help of our banking partnerships to empower entrepreneurs to find sustainable solutions to meet societal needs.
  • Convene people from different sides of an issue and facilitate constructive solutions to prevent and reduce violent conflict;
  • Help support United Nations norms and guidelines by bringing together policy makers, opinion formers, diplomats and expert practitioners to focus on practical challenges and policy delivery;
  • Build the ICO’s reputation for resolving international problems through dialogue;
  • Maintain contact with and develop networks of Associates.
  • Form a strong and diverse community of investors and sponsors drawn from the private and not-for-profit sectors.

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