Given our many objectives our streams of activities can be categorised in 5 key parts.

Research is at the core of what we do, by empowering researchers and prioritising those that come from conflict affected areas we make substantive contributions to the field of self-development so that communities looking for resources can find them.

Dialogue & Mediation is the peaceful means we encourage the communities we work with to utilise. We equip them with the knowledge and expertise they need to express their demands peacefully.


Policy Advocacy is necessary for the legal recognition of the claims that minority communities make. This is why our network of practitioners are at hand, to support groups in drafting, submitting and defending their policy recommendation as a local, regional, nation and international level.

Capacity Building activities are helped by consultancy pool. We provide advice to civil society groups, local and regional authorities to support effective, transparent and ethical governance to reduce the likelihood of conflict.


Grants & Investments allow us to support projects that uphold ICO’s vision. From local community projects that foster cross cultural dialogue to private sector companies who provide a service or product essential to the stability of a city, our economic capacity allows to improve economic opportunities in conflict affected areas.

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