Our strategic plan with a focus on the following key areas: Growth; Community Shaped and Self-Determination; Peace and Democracy Impact; Development and Human Rights.


We believe that ICO changes lives through its activities that facilitate access to political, economic, social and cultural rights.

Community Shaped and Self-Determination

Removing barriers to participation: every community should be able to shape their own experiences and enjoy their fundamental rights.

Peace and Democracy Impact

We believe that ICO makes a difference to individuals and societies.

Development and Human Rights

Our ICO-Impact programmes enable the development of local communities, therefore invigorating local autonomy, aspiration and the implementation of internationally-verified, modern improvements based on economics and human rights.

ICO Approach


Ambitious but realistic targets have been agreed for every part of this plan. ICO members and workers including consultants, fellows and volunteers are supported so we can unlock our collective power to achieve our goals.


We make a greater difference when we work with organisations and individuals based in other countries as well as the UK. Effective partnerships are essential to extending our reach and impact.


We build on our existing research to further demonstrate the impact we make on people’s lives.

Sharing is Caring

We achieve more by sharing best practice with everyone. We find new ways of ensuring we are learning from each other and recognising effective methods.

Using digital technology

We capitalise the fact that we live in a digital world by designing tools to ensure we achieve our objectives efficiently and effectively.

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