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Greetings from Kosovo!

The ICO Delegation, comprised of James Holmes and Kübra Kalkandelen, is happy to share news of their recent field visit to this dynamic region. It is an honour to share the extraordinary progress that has been made during me in Kosovo. The visit provided us with a first-hand opportunity to witness the remarkable transformation that is currently underway in the region.

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Human Rights Law Clinic Papers 2022

Sussex University Human Rights Law Clinic delivers a research paper for ICO, ‘Juxtaposing the issue of segregation against the right to education and the right to work for the youth in Mitrovica

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ICO’s official visit to Bahrain

On July 15-17th 2023, ICO Delegation (James Holmes, Siddiqa Masud-Ahmad and Kübra Kalkandelen) visited Bahrain to launch a cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other institutions. Futoon Alammadi (Diplomat) accompanied the delegation during the official visit.

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Party in the Park – Bringing Cyprus’ Communities Together

“A children’s party in the park aimed at bringing together families cross-communally for a day of fun and fundraising.”

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Written Statement by ICO

International Communities Organisation urges all parties to adhere strictly to international human rights law and the UN Charter, which prevents forcible appropriation of land and change of borders by force.

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The impact investment arm of International Communities Organisation. We use our expertise in financial analysis and impact measuring to fund investment projects backed by research, local communities and key stakeholders, that will help achieve stability and thus reduce the likelihood of conflict.

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ICO Research Centre

Our network of academic consultants, human rights practitioners, community leaders and activists produce innovative insights on achieving the self-development goals supported by our independent research institute.

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Our Norms

ICO engages states and civil society to give people access to the rights set out in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR)

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Our Commitment to SDGs

ICO’s activities promote peaceful and inclusive societies so that can sustainably develop, This requires justice for all and effective, accountable institutions at all levels. ICO additionally aims to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. For these reasons we pursue the achievement of SDG 11 and 16.

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ICO engages with groups, civil society and states through five key streams of activity, 1. Research & Knowledge sharing, 2. Facilitating Dialogue, 3. Policy advocacy 4. Supporting Capacity Building initiatives and 5. Enabling private sector solutions in the aim to achieve a more peace and inclusive world.

“ICO is an independent, neutral and international NGO dedicated to the protection of human rights. ICO is a voice for voiceless and advocates for economic, social, political and cultural rights, and provides a platform to create an environment of cross-community cooperation and respect in their community

ICO seeks to empower communities, by giving them tools so that they may autonomously develop their skills and ideas and use peaceful channels to set out their self-development goals for their legitimate rights as they are guaranteed by the international humanitarian law and the human rights conventions.

ICO is composed of automatic members and associate members. Automatic members are countries that have signed and ratified the ICESCR and the ICCPR. Contact us and become part of the ICO as an individual member or organisation!

“ICO abides by the principle of self-development and non-violent means to achieve social change to reduce the occur of conflict across the world”

Message from the ICO Secretary General

Intra-state conflict has seen a resurgence since the end of the Cold war, leading to the deaths of over 25 million people globally and the displacement of many more. Internal conflicts have catastrophic consequences socially, culturally, economically and environmentally. The reasons behind these conflicts are even more complex than their impact. Research in the field of Peace & Conflict demonstrate however that by offering resources and peaceful channels, negotiation, mediation, advocacy can lead to compromises that diminish the recourse to violence. ICO aims to give a platform to aggrieved parties, inspiring communities to take charge of their own futures and empowering them to do so peacefully. By representing oppressed minorities, those who feel their country has failed to represent them, we hope their voices can lead to change. Together, international organisations, national governments, civil society organisations and ordinary people alike, we reduce the devasting impact of conflict for the sake of future generations.

James Holmes, ICO Secretary General

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